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Business Branding & Event Management
Imagination gives you the picture. Vision gives you the desire to make the picture your own.
First things first when contacting Designer Chic, I ask, "What design do you have in mind?"  Why?  Because it's YOUR VISION, we just make sure your vision comes to life. Like a conductor of an orchestra, we are paying close attention to ALL logistics.
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We are MUCH more than just Decor!!
What about your invitations, programs, banners,  favors, signs, and T-shirts?  Yes, that's what we do...
So what can we Design for you?

Logo Designs
Custom Designs
T-Shirt design
Your logo tells the world what YOUR brand is all about without saying a word.  The thing is, you know what you want to say, you know how to do the work, but you need a little help putting it into a creative visual.

This is where Designer Chic Designs comes into play.  We sit down with you and learn what your business is about, what market you are trying to reaach, and the goals you are trying to make.  We add a dash of creativity, a touch of your vision, and BOOM... Your BRAND is born!

Don't worry, Designer Chic Designs Got You.

No one can introduce you, like only YOU can do!  Customizing is BRANDING and when you Brand, you are letting everyone know "THIS IS ME!!"

Invitations set the tone of your event, while custom favors leave a lasting impression.  Never underestimate the importance of either one.  Take the time and determine your theme, colors, and style you are looking for and we do the rest.  

Our Customized products are:
-Wooden Signs & Letters
-Cake & CupCake Stands
-Wooden Props
-Favors: Cutie Pie Bears, Candy Favors (Jars/Bars), Glasses

T-Shirts are FoReVeR!!  Artsy, Business, Wedding Parties, Reunions... ANY event, ANY celebration, ANY business, or ANY reason at all, why not do it custom??

We offer:
-DTG printing
-Bulk Designs & Pricing

How it works?  You contact us, we consult on your design.  Send you a few mock-ups, receive your sample, and once approved, You receive your finished product.

Design is our Passion and our Passion is Your Design...

Designer Chic Designs