From a very young age, I've had a vivid imagination!  Colors, Lights, and EVERYTHING Artsy keep me Happy...
  I am the Founder and Owner of Designer Chic.  I created this company with the goal to merge my love of Celebrations and Design into one happy place.

Being a military spouse of 20 years and mom of 3, I have learned over the years that life's celebrations can become extremely expensive.  With that being said, I've designed all aspects of Designer Chic to be consumer friendly and affordable for everyone.

My educational background derives from The Art Institute and IADT in Graphic Design with additional studies in Marketing.  I am also a certified Event and Wedding planner from the Institue of Wedding & Design.  I believe in continuing education, so I stay up-to-date with the latest trends, certifications, and much more.

I want to personally Thank You for taking the time to visit the site.  My team and I are ready to make your vision become a reality.

J. Robinson

Designs are meant to shout out loud, without saying a single word.

Can you really imagine going to a party with NOTHING in the room?  What about a PLAIN t-shirt?  I know, what about opening an invitation and it just has one word on it?  Boring right?  That is what I call LIFE WITHOUT DESIGN!
Everywhere you go, every party you attend, even your vacations there is a reason to have something customized to leave that LASTING impression.  Design, is speaking without saying a word, why NOT leave an impression?
Designer Chic Designs